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Mozy On Over And Get Your $76-million

By: Mathew Ingram

Mike Arrington has the news over at TechCrunch that Mozy has reportedly been acquired by EMC for $76-million.

If true, thats a pretty nice payout for a company that has raised relatively little venture capital.

I dont use Mozy on a day-to-day basis, but I tried out an early beta and have used it off and on over the past year or so (Ive also tried and several other competitors), and I have to say Ive been very impressed. It is easy to use and configure, and appears to be fairly light as far as system resources are concerned " everything one could want in a Web 2.0 storage app.

I interviewed CEO Josh Coates awhile back for a story I wrote for the Globe, and he impressed me as well " a very smart guy, who started Mozys parent company, Berkeley Systems, using technology developed while studying large-scale database management.

We talked about Googles much-rumoured GDrive, as I recall, and he said a true web-based hard drive would be a difficult thing even for Google to do, let alone offer free of charge. But the rumours continue.


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Mathew Ingram is a technology writer and blogger for the Globe and Mail, a national newspaper based in Toronto, and also writes about the Web and media at and

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