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Discovery Discovers HowStuffWorks

By: Mathew Ingram

The Wall Street Journal got the scoop on Discovery Communications latest move into new media (see, old media can still break stories):

the TV network is buying HowStuffWorks for $250-million. According to the Journal story:

Were way behind in new media and digital, says Chief Executive David Zaslav, who has shaken up Discovery since taking over in January. I dont think we win just by building vertically.

Although it was a much smaller deal, Discovery acquired Treehugger " a popular environmental awareness site founded by a Canadian " in August for $10-million. As alarm:clock notes, Discovery was an early leader in using the Web, like a Wikipedia for basic-level science. Discovery is making a smart acquisition, I think.


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About the Author:
Mathew Ingram is a technology writer and blogger for the Globe and Mail, a national newspaper based in Toronto, and also writes about the Web and media at and

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