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By: Bruce Houghton

News Corp Says It's (Really, Really) Ready To Sell MySpace (Mashable) Not a real surpise, but its rare that a company is so vocal in their disdain.

And then there's:
MySpace Begging Users To Come Back
  • Sony Music Sales Down 14.5% Last Quarter. (Billboard) Currency fluctuations including a stronger Yen contributed.

  • Rdio tunes in $17.5 million financing round (FMC) Industry vet Rob Cavallo has joined the Rdio board.

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • What the Citigroup takeover means for EMI - Nobody expects Citigroup to hold on to EMI, but its fate will affect artists and songwriters on the major label's roster. (Guardian) And then there's Guy Hands Two Terrible Mistakes.

  • Amos Lee's Mission Bell, debuted at #1 with just 40,500 sold, the lowest #1 in chart history, Iron and Wine was right behind Lee at #2 with 39,000 copies. (FMQB)

  • Amazon's Facebook Integration Is The Future Of Commerce (SAI) Think about this for music...

  • Downtown has inked a multi-year publishing administration and joint venture with LA's Check Your Pulse, the publishing arm of Pulse Recording.

  • Will the Music Industry Ever Learn From Its Mistakes? (Gigom

  • Single Track Downloads Dominate. (PCWorld)

  • Crowdfunding: raising money from strangers. (Indie

  • Music Video Made on Microsoft Kinect Is Ghostly and Lovely. (Mashable)

  • UK Music Lobbyist Says Rethinking Fair Use Is 'Intellectual Masturbation' (Techdirt)

About the Author:
Bruce Houghton is a 25 year music industry veteran who owns booking agency Skyline Music and the tour marketing company Skyline Innovations.

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