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Google CEO Eric Schmidt At Web 2.0 Summit

By: Andy Beal

Dan Farber has a good summary of John Battelle's chat with Eric Schmidt at this week's Web 2.0 Summit.

Links: Dan Farber has a good summary, Web 2.0 Summit

Here's what stood out for me.

1. On why Google acquired YouTube

"YouTube was growing faster [than Google Video] and video became fundamental data type on the Internet, so thats why we bought them," Schmidt said.

2. On potential copyright issues with YouTube

"We have visited with as many media companies as we can," Schmidt said. "We have to respect copy right."

3. On allowing Google users to have access to their own search data

"We would like to do that, as long as it is authenticated.If users can switch it keeps us honest."

4. On not competing with Microsoft Office

Schmidt played the semantic game, claiming that Google is developing applications for just 'casual' use. "We dont call it an office suite. Its not targeted at the [Microsoft] Office - we never made that claim. For many people, it would be just as easy to have computers in the cloud store information you use every day."



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