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Online Video Advertising To Reach $4.3B By 2011?

By: Andy Beal

eMarketer is predicting a huge surge in online video advertising spending over the next four years, with this years $775 million...

... growing to $4.3 billion by 2011. While the number sounds impressive, it will account for just 10% of all internet advertising and will be a fraction of the $46.3 billion spent on TV advertising by 2011.

Business Week explains why online video ads will grow so easily.

Its after 2011 that the floodgates will really open, says eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman. By then, the distinction between television and Web video will be so blurred that advertisers will begin directing more of their marketing budgets to the online version. All you have to do is take a few percentages off of a TV advertisers typical budget and that is going to be a large amount of money, says Hallerman.

Sounds simple enough, doesnt it? Online video ads are cheaper to make, more accountable and so why not just take some money from the traditional TV advertising budget? It may not be that easy. After all, search engine marketing is cheaper to implement, much more accountable, and yet still only accounts for a small fraction of most companies total advertising budget.

The key to this huge growth is acknowledged by Hallerman. The lines need to blur between online and offline video quality. We need to get online video watching (and content) in line with TV, otherwise its going to be tough to convince marketers to spend four billion dollars for ads that run alongside video of Mentos dropping into a bottle of Coke.


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About the Author:
Andy Beal is an internet marketing consultant and considered one of the world's most respected and interactive search engine marketing experts. Andy has worked with many Fortune 1000 companies such as Motorola, CitiFinancial, Lowes, Alaska Air, DeWALT, NBC and Experian.

You can read his internet marketing blog at Marketing Pilgrim and reach him at [email protected].

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