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Chris Sacca Dumps Google For Investing Career

By: David Utter

The main person spearheading Google's WiFi efforts will jump from the Googleplex at the end of December.

Chris Sacca Dumps Google For Investing Career

Valleywag should enjoy the news of Sacca's departure, having called him a "blunderkind" and a "do-nothing wonderboy" in the past. John Battelle picked up on the story that Sacca will leave Google in favor of being an angel investor.

That will have Sacca picking early-stage companies and offering them funding to develop their business. Matt Marshall at Venture Beat suggested Google's uptick in stock put Sacca in position to strike out on his own:

This is an about-face from last year, when he appeared to dismiss the idea of launching an angel career. At the time, he wistfully remarked to us that he didnt have the financial firepower of earlier employees Georges Harik or Aydin Senkut. Arriving much later at Google, he received less stock. What a difference a year can make, though. His stock value has risen by 75 percent since that time last year.

As head of special initiatives at Google, Sacca posted a couple of weeks ago about the auction for wireless spectrum coming in 2008.

"We already know that regardless of which bidders ultimately win the auction, consumers will be the real winners either way," Sacca said in that post.

"This is because the eventual winner of a key portion of this spectrum will be required to give its customers the right to download any application they want on their mobile device, and the right to use any device they want on the network," he continued.

Perhaps Sacca will be seeking out early-stage companies working on mobile applications for his angel investing purposes. His selections should be interesting to observe.

About the Author:
David Utter is a staff writer for InternetFinancialNews and WebProNews covering technology and business.

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