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YouTube Serving 100M Videos Per Day

By: David Utter

While the 100 million videos being delivered each day to visitors is an impressive number, the 65,000 videos being uploaded per day may be the more important figure.

YouTube Serving 100M Videos Per DayIt's easy to let chunks of the day slide by while visiting the YouTube video site. With a massive number of videos being uploaded to the site each day, there's no lack of something to watch.

The privately held company started development in February 2005, formally launched in December 2005, and now draws almost 20 million unique visitors per month according to Nielsen//NetRatings. A Reuters report said YouTube owns 60 percent of the online video-watching market.

YouTube has planned all along on having a business model based on advertising. They have kept it low-key, displaying banner ads atop the pages of each video. The company has also partnered with firms like GE's (GE NBC Universal on promotions, in NBC's case a "Make Your Own Promo" contest for the series "The Office."

While most videos are subject to YouTube's 10-minute limit, filmmakers, musicians, and other creators can apply for the Director Program, which permits the uploading of longer original content. Like the main service, the Director Program is free.

People have embraced the model. Visitors consume a lot of video, and create it for others. Both activities have an impact on traditional media formats, and YouTube is at the center of drawing the 18-49 demographic away from broadcast TV and cable for part of each day.

Corporate America has begun to notice. While Hollywood may not be real thrilled with the potential for its advertisers to more closely embrace YouTube, the online advertising model offers those advertisers a more measurable experience.

That advertising can be targeted to the viewers the corporates want, instead of hoping to reach them with a broadcast model their audience may be ignoring anyway while visiting YouTube.

People have become used to managing their entertainment experience, not just as consumers these days but producers as well. It's a shift that advertisers have been watching with interest. The powers-that-be in media have to be more than a little uncomfortable with that.


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