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H-P CEO May Testify Before Congress

By: David Utter

The broadening scandal enveloping the board at H-P has also snared the company's CEO, Mark Hurd, and he may travel to Washington DC to discuss the situation.

H-P CEO May Testify Before CongressThere has been an element of the surreal in watching the H-P (HPQ) spying story unfold. What started as an investigation into a minor story leaked to CNET News has exploded into a full-blown account of private investigators obtaining phone records of board members and reporters, and even trying to plant a traceable message on a reporter's computer.

H-P chairman Patricia Dunn will step down from that position in January 2007, while accused leaker George Keyworth will not get to run for his board seat again. In early September, H-P revealed that board member Tom Perkins resigned from the H-P board in protest of the wide-ranging, questionably legal investigation.

CEO Mark Hurd had been tapped to move into the chairman's seat, combining that post with his current job. Before he becomes CEO and chairman of the revitalized company, he will have to navigate the computer firm through the morass of what could be a messy legal fight with state and possibly federal authorities.

The Mercury News reported Hurd has offered to come to the nation's capital and discuss the whole situation with lawmakers.

Before that takes place, he will hold a press conference today to discuss the situation, and he will have to face questions about his role, now that it has been revealed that Hurd had some knowledge of the investigations taking place.

There may be one face in the crowd Hurd will not enjoy seeing. Californial Attorney General Bill Lockyer has complained that H-P is no longer cooperating with his office's investigation, so he may attend the press conference, according to Bloomberg.


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