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AMD Knocked Back In Intel Suit

By: David Utter

A federal judge has ruled that AMD's antitrust lawsuit must be pursued outside the United States, as some arguments made by AMD against Intel only pertain to Intel's activities internationally.

AMD Knocked Back In Intel SuitMany of the actions alleged by AMD (AMD) about Intel (INTC) will have to be pursued in foreign venues where they took place, according to US District Court Judge Joseph J. Farnan Jr. in Delaware. AP reported that a major part of AMD's case against Intel had been dismissed, but much of it will continue on to trial.

It will be a while before the trial date rolls around, as Judge Farnan set it for April 29th, 2009. AMD first filed the lawsuit in June 2005. The company conducted a spirited conference call after filing, with AMD representatives and attorneys calling out Intel for its competitive tactics.

Intel argued that the parts of the lawsuit pertaining to alleged overseas activity could not be pursued in a US court, and the judge agreed with that in his decision to dismiss. That doesn't end the troubles for Intel, though.

AMD has long accused Intel of unsavory business practices. In June 2005, they accused Intel of "old- fashioned threats, intimidation and 'knee-capping' to deter OEMs from dealing with AMD." Their lawyers contended that everything Intel does, regardless of geographical border, affects the processor market.

Allegations of exclusive deals with OEM PC makers, special marketing arrangements, and even strong-arming companies into not buying AMD, all made the news.

Former Compaq president Michael Capellas uttered the most telling soundbite. He described negotiations with Intel as being akin to Intel having "a gun to his head", as Intel held back on delivering server chips because of Compaq's deals with AMD.

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