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Yahoo Shells Out For Two Firms

By: David Utter

Facebook is not in Yahoo's M&A; plans at the moment, as they instead make deals with two companies and focus on strengthening their advertising efforts.

Yahoo Shells Out For Two FirmsYahoo announced the deals with Right Media and AdInterax today. While taking a 20 percent stake in Right Media, Yahoo also acquired AdInterax outright.

The acquisition of AdInterax will enable Yahoo to provide advanced rich media creative assembly and campaign management tools directly to marketers at no charge, the company said in a statement. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

"Yahoo! has remained a strong leader in delivering rich media technology solutions to marketers as the opportunities have continued to evolve in the industry," said Peter Matsuo, chief executive officer, AdInterax. "We believe the addition of AdInterax's tools and technology into Yahoo's services will create compelling offerings for marketers and publishers."

The AdInterax move appears to capitalize on a couple of Internet realities " the proliferation of faster broadband connections for Internet users, and the growing interest in marketing with video online. People have come to expect video offerings from content providers, so perhaps they expect ads will have to be part of the package.

Right Media has been receiving an influx of venture capital funding. Their Series B round of approximately $45 million included Yahoo's investment.

The company provides an advertising exchange, where more than two billion ad impressions are swapped each day. Yahoo will provide advertisers with the ability to bid on its non-premium inventory through Right Media.

"We're thrilled to have Yahoo! as a partner and as a participant in the Right Media Exchange," said Michael Walrath, CEO and founder of Right Media. "Right Media has grown through partnerships with key stakeholders in this industry and all participants at the exchange benefit from the addition of companies like Yahoo! that share our vision of more efficiency, transparency and accountability in online advertising."


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