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The Kids Are Alright To Fox, Yahoo

By: David Utter

Online traffic to the web properties operated by News Corp's Fox Interactive Media and by Yahoo benefited from substantial traffic originating from university locations.

The Kids Are Alright To Fox, YahooBy page views, eight percent of all US Internet traffic starts from the ivory towers of higher learning. When Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, even his great mind could not have foreseen that the grounds and buildings he planned would be one of hundreds of homes to young people seeking their next LonelyGirl15 fix.

But that phenomenon and many others have held great appeal for the college crowd. The top two web properties, Fox Interactive Media (FIM), aka owner of MySpace, and Yahoo websites, drew plenty of university visitors in November 2006.

Analysis firm comScore said FIM received 12 percent of its traffic from universities. In comparison, Yahoo's collective properties only saw six percent of their traffic arrive from university networks.

Drop out those kids and their page views, comScore said, and the picture would look different. Yahoo would lead FIM for November, 35.6 billion page views to 34.9 billion.

Dr. Magid Abraham, President and CEO of comScore Networks, said in a statement that the discrepancy between his company's numbers and those of other analysis firms rests in the university sample, which he claims is unique to comScore.

"In the case of sites such as, which generates a substantial share of their visitation among college students, the failure to account for college users significantly underestimates the true number of total page views," he said.

As has been noted in numerous places, websites covet the college demographic because that's who advertisers want seeing their ad efforts. Being able to tout one in eight US visitors as being from a university setting should help Fox with its marketing and ad sales.

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