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Adobe, VeriSign Dishing Out Content

By: David Utter

A content distribution network created by a new partnership between Adobe and VeriSign will deliver rich media content at a high level of quality.

When it comes to rich media, no technology can claim the market penetration of Flash. Adobe (ADBE) has said about 98 percent of the world's computer desktops are Flash-capable now.

As a preferred format for creating and viewing content, Flash has considerable support already. One might even attribute YouTube's growth and attractiveness to ultimate buyout company Google to the flexibility to embed Flash videos into blogs and websites.

Adobe has been working to capitalize even more on Flash's popularity by developing a Flash Media Server. That product will get its test on Verisign's (VRSN) Intelligent Content Delivery Network.

VeriSign will utilize its peer-to-peer technology called Kontiki for distributing content. It debuted as part of the Intelligent CDN in December 2006.

"By combining forces, we will offer customers a simpler, more cost effective way to create, manage and distribute high-quality, long form video content, revolutionizing the creation and distribution of rich media content online," said Stratton Sclavos, chief executive officer at VeriSign.

By long form, Adobe and VeriSign mean broadcast, cable, and Hollywood video content. The ten-minute limits YouTube has to respect to satisfy major media interests won't make for a profitable environment for the two companies in their deal.

No specific products have been announced yet. That likely indicates discussions with those big media companies are ongoing. Unless Hollywood gets a piece of the action satisfactory to them, it could be a lot later in 2007 that Adobe and VeriSign can make those new services available.

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