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Apple Enjoys A Perfect Moment

By: David Utter

Forget all the stock option questions and lawsuits and feds skulking in unmarked vans around Apple HQ. During the keynote address delivered by CEO Steve Jobs at the Macworld Expo, all of those worries stubbed out their cigarettes and trundled off to a corner of Silicon Valley while the Apple faithful finally got their wish for a cellphone designed by the iPod and Mac maker.

Apple Enjoys A Perfect MomentThey got to ignore the suggestions that it could be time for the master of ceremonies to give up the CEO's office, and take the board of directors with him. The Jobs keynote at Macworld erased the dreariness that accompanies all things related to killjoys like the SEC and the DoJ.

It even put aside the nasty, tricksy action by Cisco that saw the networking company trademark the term iPhone ten years ago and announce an iPhone product ahead of Macworld 2007. Ha ha. Here's your iPhone, fanboys, from a hardware company that makes products only slightly less sexy than HP does.

A wave of the magic keynote, and probably a substantial check as well, and even the globe's top networking firm ceased to be a problem. Enjoy that cash, John Chambers, because you'll never turn out an Apple iPhone from your factories in Southeast Asia.

Apple had the major Internet powers on hand to show support. Eric Schmidt from Google and Jerry Yang from Yahoo made appearances on stage, each promising their companies would love, honor, and obey the iPhone with their mobile services.

MacObserver carefully tracked the keynote speech, noting how Jobs talked about three devices " a widescreen iPod, an Apple Phone, and a breakthrough Internet communication device.

Surprise! Those three devices are all in one device, and the 4,000-strong crowd loved its features. There's a 3.5 inch diagonal screen, a 2 megapixel camera, and OS X running on the iPhone, along with plenty of touch-oriented features.

Should the magic continue and the iPhone does come to market at Cingular in June 2007, priced at $499 and $599 for 4GB and 8GB versions respectively, it could put Apple on the way to grabbing the one percent of a billion-dollar mobile market Jobs would like to snag for the company.

Investors certainly seemed happy about the news. In trading today, they pushed shares of Apple Inc (now the formal name of the company, replacing Apple Computer) up 8.31 percent to 92.57.

Who knows, maybe Jobs will have another perfect moment in June. Then he can prank call Starbucks again as he did today, but for a few thousand iced cappuccinos instead of lattes.


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