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Job Hunters Pound The Job Search Pavement

By: David Utter

Visits to job boards have increased significantly as the New Year gets under way, as holiday credit card bills likely made a lot of folks start thinking they need to make some more cash in 2007.

Job Hunters Pound The Job Search PavementA forecast by Borrell Associates about the potential for a lucrative year in online classified advertising called for strong growth among job boards. They should expand as employers use them more to find people for a variety of lower level jobs.

Potential employees are hitting those job boards already. Online research firm Hitwise said traffic has moved upward with the start of 2007.

Market share for visits to sites measured by Hitwise in its Business & Finance " Employment and Training category rose 31 percent for the week ending January 6, 2007, as compared to the prior week.

The most visitors traveled to, which took a 14 percent share of traffic. Monster followed at 11.5 percent, while Yahoo's Hotjobs picked up about 5 percent.

Hitwise analyst Bill Tancer invoked one of the buzz phrases of the Web 2.0 meme, saying job hunters were more avidly exploring the "increasing long tail of job openings."

"Along with diet and fitness websites, employment sites experience an increase during the first week of January each year as the job force considers finding a new job as part of their New Years resolution," said Tancer.

The three major newspaper publishers in the US plan to combine their efforts and develop a national ad network, one that can help complement their investment in CareerBuilder. This could boost the fortunes of local papers, which attract only about 10 percent of national ad spending revenue currently.


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