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Deutsche Post + Deutsche Bahn = De Big Bucks!

By: Michael Stolarczyk

The German coalition government has agreed to sell up to 49 percent of state-owned rail and logistics giant Deutsche Bahn.

Deutsche Bahn is the parent company of Schenker and BAX Global. The sale comes after agreeing not to include any of the track in the spin-off, Bloomberg reported.

Constitutional rules forbid a sale of more than half the shares in the railway.

During months of negotiations, the Social Democrats in the coalition demanded that Deutsche Bahn be allowed to run the 30,000-kilometer (18,600-mile) track network for profit while retaining it in state ownership. Chancellor Angela Merkels Christian Democrats had pressed for the state to run the track, splitting it off completely from the company.

Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee said Deutsche Bahn will be allowed to operate the track for a limited period and to include the asset in its annual statement. The network would remain the property of the government, while debt accrued by the company would remain a company responsibility, he said.

Deutsche Bahns Chief Executive Hartmut Mehdorn was quoted in June saying that a sale of 49 percent of the railway without its track may be worth as much as 9 billion euros ($11.5 billion).
Just between you and me...if DPWN goes after DB...if the EU would approve of the would be a huge impact on the logsitics and transportation world...I hope it happens!



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Michael Stolarczyk is currently Senior Director, of Business Development for Exel in their Westerville, Ohio General Office for the Americas. He is also on the Board of Advisors for West Virginia University’s School of Business.

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